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The process of rebranding

Considering a rebranding, means it’s time for renewal. To make a success from your rebranding, make sure you’re well prepared. We tell you exactly what a rebranding is, when you need to consider it and what the process looks like.
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What is a rebranding?

Rebranding means changing or tweaking your brand identity, positioning and design. The current branding has been set up. Did a good job for a while. But sometimes it is time to find the connection again with your target group, employees or partners. And that requires a rebranding.

Rebranding is more than just a new logo

Before you start with a rebranding, you should look at the strategic foundation of your branding. Branding is not just about the logo and colors.

It’s more than that. Branding is closely related to the strategy of your business. And that is why we often include the total package in a rebranding.

  • Mission, vision and core values;
  • Strategic positioning in the market;
  • Unique brand value and pay-off;
  • Brand positioning and brand ethos;
  • Brand story, personality and character;
  • Name, logo and color palette;
  • Typography and communication style.

And this is just the start. In terms of content, you can also think about photography and videography. A translation of the new brand to the packaging. Or even your own brand tune for an increased brand recognition.

In the implementation phase you really need a structured implementation plan. Campaigns for the new brand launch. Or even a new employer branding strategy that matches the new brand.

But you can also conduct large-scale market research or interview employees in the strategic substantiation.

When it’s time for a rebranding

14 red flags

  1. The brand name no longer represents the vision of your company;
  2. The business model has changed so that the current brand no longer fits;
  3. There is a merger or takeover and as a result of which the branding no longer covers the full organization;
  4. The company has grown hard and fast and has since outgrown the branding;
  5. The visual representation of your brand is outdated or not suitable for digital applications;
  6. You are trying to connect with a new target group, such as Gen Z;
  7. The brand story is difficult for the target group to understand;
  8. The brand experience does not differentiate itself from the competition;
  9. It is difficult to find employees who feel connected to your brand;
  10. Price increase seems impossible, because a cheap price is linked to your brand name;
  11. The market is changing and the expectations of the target group are no longer in proportion to your current brand;
  12. The relationship between the main brand and a number of sub-brands are not ideal, vague, or illogical;
  13. The company has gone international, relocated or expanded abroad;
  14. There are negative associations around your brand name that you would like to erase.

The rebranding process

It’s all about the end result. And the path to this is an iterative process. This is how we rock a rebranding together with you.

Step 1: Learn

First get a good picture of the entire playing field. A deep-dive to customers, employees and partners. Who are they and what do they value?

Step 2: Imagine

This is the creative phase. We will brainstorm to peel off the onion, get to the core and gather ideas.

Step 3: Realize

Now we can go all out on the implementation. It’s time to create, design and make it a whole.

We recommend recording the complete new branding in a brand book. This is your company’s new holy bible with all guidelines and set of rules. So you can work on your brand consistency. And ideally you need to launch your brand with an event or campaign.

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Rebranding example

A recruitment agency called JUNEZ knocked on our door. They had an uncertain position in the market and an image that was very similar to that of Young Capital.

We organized two brainstorming sessions to get to the heart of the matter. We then started working out and planned several extra brainstorm sessions, also with clients.

The result? JUNEZ became Junez Jobs. A new mission, vision and core values ​​that are breathed from within. A strategic positioning. And a new visual look, based on brand archetypes.

You can see some snapshots on the right.

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