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Slogans: how to master

Written by Pim van der Heide - 6 mei 2022

Pim van der Heide

Chief Content

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We all know the struggle. New campaigns will be launching in the upcoming months. Or your brand just needs a better twist to their story. The moment we all start to stutter at. The name.

Names are so hard to define

Why? Because it’s short and also definitive. It needs to be perfect, because those few words need to catch it all. This struggle, but also the solution told below, goes for brand names, campaign names, slogans, pay-offs and all marketing activities that have the purpose in finding the best name or sentence.

Slogans and names: there is one solution

And you must be crazy for it. No, literally. This game will help you out 10/10 times coming up with the best names for your brand, slogan, pay-off, etc. The game is called Crazy 8.

Crazy 8 always works

Sit with your team, 3-8 members preferably, and lay down a couple of stick notes, pencils and a timer. This game will only take 10-20 minutes and that’s just why it works.

This game has 8 crazy rounds of 1 minute. And every minute, all members need to write down 1 (!) name for the slogan or brand or whatever you need. Just focus the full minute on this one name. Do not work on the next one, this will not do the process well.

Keep your own sticknotes. After 8 rounds of blood, sweat and tears, all team members will have 8 stick notes with 8 names on it. Usually, the 7th is the hardest and number 8 will be as easy as number 1. Crazy enough.

Okay, it is time to show. At the end all members will show their names, round for round. So we start with round 1 and all members need to show their name and what they thought of. And so it goes on.

Until the end, when we have heard all names and see all names lying down on the table. What’s next?

Time to vote for the best slogan

Or brand name, again: this works for all types of names and sentences. We all have 3 votes to divide among all names. After the full round of voting, we count the votes and show the top 3.

The last step is to discuss the top 3 and make a final decision. Congratulations, you found the name or slogan of your campaign within 20 minutes. Did you not make the last decision? Then at least you go home with a top 3. Hang these sticknotes on the wall for the rest of the day, gather the team at the day closing and decide.

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