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New collaboration: Methorst Zuigtechniek

Written by Pim van der Heide - 27 jun 2023

Methorst zuigtechniek

Pim van der Heide

Chief Communication & Content

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Newsflash: Methorst Zuigtechniek X Signa Agency is a fact. Next month we will start this new collaboration. 

Methorst Zuigtechniek is engaged in suction of loose, solid, wet and dry (construction) materials. They are mainly famous for the suction and blowing of soil, sand and roof gravel with their special suction car and sand dredger. 

It’s our next project within the logistics and the construction industry. For example, the last few months we worked very hard to grow and extend the brand of our client Mobiele Units. Read more about the Mobiele Units case by clicking on this link.

Digital growth for Methorst Zuigtechniek. That’s our next challenge. We’ve settled for an omni-channel marketing approach. Why? Because we only do absolutes. In the short-term, the digital marketing activities should lead to more leads. But more importantly, in the long-term we are only aiming for more brand awareness. So, Methorst Zuigtechniek will attract projects, customers, employees, investors, suppliers and partners.

By combining LinkedIn campaigns with search engine optimization and Google advertising. We will spread their word, increase the reach, generate demand and we aim for the number one position in Google.

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