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Our secret sauce for LinkedIn

Written by Pim van der Heide - 7 feb 2023

Pim van der Heide

Chief Content

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Are you tired of using LinkedIn without getting the results you want? Do you feel like you’re not reaching your target audience or getting the engagement you need to grow your network? It’s time to uncover our secret sauce for success on LinkedIn.

Our Chief Content Pim managed to grow his network by 20% using these 8 steps.

1. Back to the basics
Who is the person behind the terminal? Explain why you are the one to follow. This all sounds very logical, but it is a critical step that is often skipped. Or not applied correctly. From a catchy header to a clear headline: everything must be coherent.

Attract, distinct, and communicate clear.

Just look at this fictional headline:
TikTok fanatic | coaches start-ups that want to grow on TikTok | energetic and creative

I just hitted the follow button. How about you?

2. Who is your target audience?
This choice depends on your personal and/or business goals with LinkedIn. Think of generating leads, expanding your network, or building authority within your field.

3. Connect and attract
Don’t think sales. Think network.

Try to add 15 people within your target audience every day. Sounds boring, but generates demand.

4. From connecting to generating value
We are always digging for hacks and quick wins. I feel you, and I admit, it’s fun. However, at the end of the day, the most valuable connections are the ones you actually bond with.

Just give them a call, respond to each other’s messages, and share valuable tips.

5. Copy some copy legends
LinkedIn is full of inspiring content creators. They know the why and the how.

Watch and learn. And join the discussion by providing valuable comments. They act wisely, you react differently. Sounds like the road to success.

6. Ruling your feed
I always post 2-3 times a week. However, I prefer quality above quantity. Delivering high value. Challenging, but extremely educational.

Before I write the copy, I always imagine what my buyer persona would love to read. What questions do these people have? What are their dreams? What are their struggles?

Quick inspiration: follow and check the posts of the best content creators in your branche. And read the comments on their posts.

Last but not leads: variation. Don’t rain with a set of tips six times in a row. The magical mix should consist out of:

  • current developments and trends;
  • personal stories;
  • your own journey;
  • statements;
  • practical tips.

7. Throw a call to action at me
This is mine:
“More inspiration for building and growing your brand?
➡️ Follow me at LinkedIn: I post weekly about #branding #content #entrepreneurship

This is how you build a fanbase that’s literally waiting for your new posts.

8. Consistency is key
I, myself, always follow the 10x10x10:

  • respond actively for 10 minutes and gain inspiration at the same time;
  • Connect and update chats for 10 minutes;
  • 10 minutes to write a post or capture new ideas.

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