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Digital branding checklist

Written by Mikula Ristic - 10 mei 2023

Mikula Ristic

Brand Expert

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Digital branding: how, what and why? Read here the full checklist for how to accomplish a brand that is digital savvy.

Your brand: digital ready

You still see brands trying to explore the digital space. Struggling finding their spot online. They spend money on their website. Post on social media. But it just don’t work. This means your brand is not yet digital-ready.

And why should you? Well, to make an online connection with your target audience. And well, even be ready to connect with newer generations. Gen Z for example, find online brand presence extremely important.

Digital branding checklist

✅ The name of your brand must be catchy or distinctive. Otherwise you will be seen as just another company in that industry.

✅ The logo must look visually strong on social media. This means that it should not contain long texts, that it should not contain too much fuss and that it can be adjusted to square or round sizes.

Tip: provide a submark: a simplified version of the logo that can be used on a smaller scale. When we create a branding for a customer, we always add a submark. For us, our submark is the smaller logo with only: S!

✅ A color palette that suits your target group, but also appeals to an even larger audience. And of course a distinctive color that is used for CTAs.

✅ Clear and short: those are the rules for both your slogan and your brand promise.

✅ A brand story that can be told in all shapes and sizes on the website and on social media. This is an excellent basis for your content.

✅ Faces! People do business with people, so make sure you also have clear digital images of your people.

✅ Video insights. In the digital world all things seem far away, so it’s up to you to bring it closer. Be creative, grab the camera and film daily business.

✅ Banners that stand out and that you can easily make multiple versions of. This way you ensure recognisability on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, e-mails, etc.

EXTRA: do you really want a next-level digital brand? Then sonic branding is a nice to have. Your own recognizable tune that is linked to your brand.

Want to add extra personality to your brand, but you do not know how? Read this article about brand archetypes, this learns you how to put a face on your brand to provide deeper connections.

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