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What is your ‘brand’ exactly?

Written by Mikula Ristic - 3 aug 2023

Brand: from Twitter to X
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Last week has been a busy week around Twitter and its change to X. Many people on social media are talking about this announced rebranding. Some like the logo change. Some hate it. But most of the opinions are based on the logo solely.

As agency, that keeps us thinking about the ‘brand’, that’s obviously more than a logo.

Elon Musk is planning on turning Twitter into an unlimited interaction platform. A platform far bigger than Twitter and other social media platforms. Quite some revolutionary thinking.

Revolutionary thinking is often paired with a new brand strategy. That being said, full rebrandings take place in these processes, from strategy to identity to design.

And again: that’s a lot more than only a change of the logo.A brand is created on a strategy and a culture. And finished with design.

➡️ To start with, a clear mission and vision for the company and the future. With strategic forward thinking on the market. And the position in the market that you want to catch with your brand.

➡️ The core values and DNA that stream through your organization. With unique value propositions linked to the brand and a clear pay-off. And a brand story that gives character and personality to your brand.

➡️ And last but not least, the name, logo, color palette, typography, communication style, tone of voice and complete designing.

In conclusion and to relate this back to Twitter and X: the logo seems interesting, but tells us nothing so far. We are more curious about the total picture, the full brand package and how his whole rebranding plan ends.

But as we know Musk and his iterative way of thinking: this may take a while.

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