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Building and growing a digital brand

Where the insurance & maritime industries meet. We felt like a fish in water for this rebranding. And we are still growing together!


Insure Marine Underwriting


This summer we celebrated the anniversary of Martin Lanting (owner Insure Marine Underwriting) in the insurance industry. This is not a farewell party, but we celebrate that there’s so much more to come. Time for a fresh rebranding. Time for a brand that’s future proof.


We dived very deep into the company, the market and the brand. After several sessions and a lot of research hours, we pitched our first ideas. Together with the owner’s vision, we sharpened these ideas into a fresh new brand.


We put the brand strategy and brand identity on paper. With strong market positioning and a clear DNA. Then we changed the logo (IMU = I am You = empathy), the slogan and the design. Delivered in a complete brandbook to finish the rebranding.

Brand strategy Brand identity Brand design Brand strategy Brand identity Brand design

Brand strategy Brand identity Brand design Brand strategy Brand identity Brand design

Rebranding to IMU in 2 months

We started immediately after Martin’s if’s, but’s and maybe’s were taken away. We made clear we only do absolutes, so we started brainstorming together to create this absolute brand. Scroll down to read in headlines what we did for the brand strategy, brand identity and brand design. Plus, a few snapshots of the brandbook.
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Brand strategy

First we started with the development and documentation of the brand strategy. The outcome of this, is a clear mission and vision. With core values that stream through the business and a strategic and strong positioning in the market.
Rebranding IMU

Brand identity

Then we discovered what really makes IMU. Who are they? What is their DNA? What is their story? These are just the basics.

Brand design

Last but not least. The new logo, slogan, style, colors, etc. We made a brandbook full of storylines and visuals.
rebranding IMU
rebranding IMU
Rebranding IMU
Rebranding IMU
Rebranding IMU

Grow online!

We write IMU’s stories. We create the content. And we post it online. A multi-channel approach in which we conquer LinkedIn, the website, Google and the newsletter. 5-6 times a week we work on their brand awareness and increase their online search results. A great example is the trend that in maritime transportation: fires at sea are an uptrading risk due to the transport needs of lithium batteries. We immediately wrote an article about this topic, fixed all SEO-settings, posted this blog on LinkedIn and in the newsletter. The result? Third in the Google Search Results in a major trending topic. Right behind two big players. This is where we need to be!
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